sábado, diciembre 15, 2007

Full moon fever (Tom Petty)

1. Free fallin

2. I won't back down

3. Love is a long road

4. A face in the crowd

5. Runnin down a dream

6. I'll feel a whole better

7. Yer so bad

8. Depending on you

9. The apartment song

10. Alright for now

11. A mind with a heart of his own

12. Zombie Zoo

p.d. Lo único que le debo a Cameron Crowe


At 1:23 p. m., Blogger Julio Pérez Luna said...

Gran disco! De los mejores de los ochenta (1989). Pero la mejor es The apartment song... Oh yeah I'm alright, I just feel a little lonely tonight.Im okay, most of the time, I just feel a little lonely tonight!


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