domingo, setiembre 30, 2007

McNulty is drunk (The wire)

Cheryl: For you Kima, a decidedly confused white boy

Kima: God

McNulty: How'd it go today?

Kima: Lost him in 22, picked him back in the low-rises and then lost him on Schroeder Street after dark

McNulty: Nicely done

Kima: Are you okay to drive?

McNulty: Yeah, I'm fine, I just wanted to thank you

Kima: For what?

McNulty: For today, you know, with Daniels

Kima: You should be thanking Lester

McNulty: I did. I just wanted to thank you, too, Detective Greggs

Kima: No problem. Good night

McNulty: That it is

Cheryl: What'd I miss?

Kima: Nothing much

Kelma: Lovelorn?

Kima: Worse. Lonely (Kima and Cheryl continues sleeping together)