sábado, julio 26, 2008

Jokermania (vote por la que más le guste)

1. "What doesn't kill you, makes you stranger"
2. "What I propose it's simple: kill the Batman"

3. "Here is my card"

4. "You wanna know how I got these scars"

5. "Our organization is small but we have a lot of opportunities for agressive expansion"

6. "Why so serious"

7. "Hello, beautiful"

8. "I am an agent of chaos. Chaos is fair"

9. "I am a man of simple taste: I enjoy dinamite, gunpowder and gasoline"

10. "You're son fun. I can't kill you, you complete me"
p.d. El joker no le pega a su mamá (igual sigue siendo más fan del encapotado)


At 5:09 p. m., Blogger Koki said...

Yo voto por la 10 :)

Te gustó más este Joker que el de Batman 1?

At 8:01 p. m., Blogger Bruno Rivas said...

claro pe kokimbo, nicholson ha quedado como un payaso barato frente a ledger. "I enjoy dinamite, gunpowder and gasoline"

At 9:59 p. m., Blogger Francisco said...

Mi frase favorita es:

6. "Why so serious"

Maestro Heath Ledger. Soy recontra hincha de Batman, pero el joker se robo la pelicula.

At 10:05 p. m., Blogger Chubi said...

La mejor y la que me identifica:

"You wanna know how I got these scars"

At 12:29 a. m., Blogger Vanessa said...

WHY SO SERIOUS? (pero con su agregado "Let`s put a smile on that face!" )

Algunas otras frases (¿es que todo el parlamento guasoniano es memorable?):

* "Do I really look like a man with a plan?"

* "I'm a dog chasing cars. I wouldn't know what to do with one if I caught one"

*"Ladies and gentleman, we're tonight´s entretainement"

* "Ah ha ah he ho ha... and i thought my jokes were bad"

* "Wanna see a magic trick? I can make this pencil disappear"

* "If your good at something, never do it for free"

At 4:39 p. m., Anonymous Rodrigo said...

Mi frase favorita es la uno: "What doesn't kill you, makes you stranger". El Joker parafraseando (y volviendo más postmoderno) a Nietzsche...

At 2:19 p. m., Anonymous renzo said...

"Why so serious"


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