domingo, diciembre 23, 2007

Fuck you!!!

…terrorist in fucking training
Fuck the chelsea boys
…ten years in the country and still not speaking English
…Michael Douglas Gordon Gekko wanna be
They never pass the ball, they never play defense
…move the fuck on
…you betray our trust
my best friend judging me
Fuck Natural Rivera
Fuck my father
Fuck this hole city and everyone in it
No, fuck you Montgomery Brogan! You had it at all, and you throw it away, you dumb fuck!


At 1:13 p. m., Blogger EME said...

Más te vale que no haya coca en el futón...

At 5:18 p. m., Blogger Bruno Rivas said...

Es azucar, mi hermano

At 5:27 p. m., Blogger EME said...



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